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Welcome to our advanced chat website with cam to cam video chatting facility. We are serving chat to users for more than 5 years now. We are trusted website by google and other search engines. Our moto is to serve a better chat for all without registration or paid chat.


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The Video Chat room has always been a great outlet for peoples to connect with other users throughout the world. Video Chat is a Chat room for 18+ and up. The room is of course a clean chat, and is moderated. The chatters can come in and have regular conversations with other chatters, and also have the option to Video chat publicly or privately.Video chat gives you the option to come in using a Guest name, or you can chose your own user name. The chat also gives you the option to register, for free, with either a Facebook or Twitter account, which can also be specially made just for Video chat, so the chatters personal information is protected. When you register, your user name font turns Green and you are verified as registered. With being registered, comes the option of posting fun pictures you find from the Internet, and even YouTube videos to share with others.


For the female chatters, the option of becoming a VIP member is also free. VIP gives the girls the option to turn off the private messages that come in, and gives them extra protection. All they need to do is have a cam, and will have to prove to the Mods and Administrators that they are female by waving or speaking. They can choose their user name, and will also be in a Orange font and bold, so they will be verified as a girl. The room has great moderators and Administrators that help keep the chatters safe from predators, and bullying. The moderators have the option to boot out of the chat, or freeze the user. When frozen, you cannot type in the main chat or in private chat. The freeze is a great choice when the room is being spammed, or if someone just needs a little quiet time for a moment. The Administrators have all options, including banning from the site. If you abide by the the rules of which have been set for reason to make sure the room stays safe and fun, you can avoid getting the boot, or even avoid getting banned.


Over the course of my time in the Video chat room, I have seen friendships grow, and chatters express their love for the room, and how they feel so welcome and appreciated by others. Chatters have admitted to feeling relaxed and love having others around their age that compare and listen. They have also expressed that if others continue to adhere to the chat rules, they will continue to come, and enjoy themselves. The mods will continue to be conducive, understanding and not so overbearing and to make sure the room stays at ease. Video chat is and always will be a great environment for new chatters, and they will always be welcomed by other friendly chat users. A promise from the Administrators is, they will continue improving the Chat, that way when new chatters come, they will have a fun, safe, and enjoyable visit every time they enter into the room. Thank you! Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms

If you had the opportunity to chat with anyone from anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Latin America, France, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Viet Nam? Or perhaps India, China, Poland or the Arab world? With Chatuniverse International Chat rooms you can mingle and converse with men and women from these locales and more! Just log in and chose which exotic group you would like to get to know better! Perfect for those chatters who want to get away from the English-speaking world for change! No matter what your native tongue or culture, chances are you will find kindred spirits in our International Chat Rooms! Log in today so that you may enjoy the flavor and diverse cultures of the world.


Should English be your primary language you will also find and enjoy that English is spoken widely all over the world. Aside from the expected countries such as the United States, U.K, Canada and Australia, many and I should add most from India, The Philippines as well as others speak English just as fluently as anyone else. This will give you such a wonderful and eye opening experience into how different our cultures are and then yet, How very much the same we are. Beauty comes from every part of our planet and you will find it on Chatuniverse. No matter what your preference is, you cant help but to be attracted to the different styles and customs of our users. The International scene will certainly brighten up your part of the world. We encourage you to seek out and enjoy the pleasures that Chatuniverse will bring. You will be happily surprised at what the world has to offer. Chatuniverse will become one of your favorite places to visit. It is by far the most diverse and satisfying sex chat site that has ever existed.


What Can You Do?

Just do whatever you wish to do in our online live chat room, it is an international online video chatting website. Just login into the room and try to find your perfect chat partner to continue your online chatting journey. Finding friends is really important for everyone's life, and only friends can make your life happy and fun. Each and every one must need a single friend to share your personals, thoughts, opinions and whatever that hits in your brain. Just kick it out to your friends to make it everything easy, and cut out the sad life that you had before. Chat is for fun and chatters are really looking for fun chatters to keep the room fun and happy.


What Do We Do?

While you keep chatting in our chat site, we keep monitoring the chat rooms, server status, organizing moderators and admins to keep the room safe and clean place to make sure it is a 18+ chat site. We do have rules and regulations to follow based on the protocols provided by our system. And we follow international chatting laws to keep the room safest environment for chatters who uses this room.


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