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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -

  1. What can we (chatters) can do in here?

    You can chat with strangers in our chat rooms and start finding new friends.

  2. Can we go to all chat rooms?

    No, you cant enter into all rooms because we have age based rooms.

  3. Can we use webcam in all rooms?

    Yes, you can use webcam in all rooms and make sure you follow chat rules.

  4. Abusing chatters and VIP members are allowed?

    No, it is not allowed in our rooms. If you do abuse, you will get kicked out of the room or get banned.

  5. Can we do NUDE cam chat in

    No, you are not allowed to do nude public video chat in our chat rooms its against our chat rules.

  6. Can we Advertise other chat websites in chat lobby or private?

    No, you are strictly not allowed to advertise other website links in our chat rooms. It is against our chat room rules and regulations.

  7. Can we use chat exploit and chat vulnerability tricks in chat rooms?

    No, you are not allowed to use chat exploit and tricks to disturb chat environment and chat space.

  8. Using webcam in our chat room is free of use or it cost extra charges?

    Yes, it is totally free to use. No, we do not charge extra cost for webcam chatting.